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This advice will ensure that you are completely prepared for the truck’s arrival. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’ve never shipped before or are unfamiliar with how the process works; however, you may be a member of a warehouse crew and are already familiar with the majority of this information.

This guide will cover all of the freight business fundamentals and provide shippers with a road map to prepare. This shipping guide does not cover small products for parcel carriers. This is about pallets, boxes, and large vehicles transporting large items. The shipping business is extremely detail-oriented, and it is critical to be prepared with complete confidence by gaining a grasp of how to send your products properly.

Which sort of vehicle is necessary?

Depending on the weight and size of the product being carried, vehicle and trailer restrictions may apply. There are several different types of trailers that attach to the vehicle. For instance, a flatbed is an uncovered platform. Additionally, a step-deck flatbed has a lowered center to accommodate tall products and pass bridges.

A dry van is the most popular form of the enclosed trailer; it is equivalent to a normal semi-truck trailer, or what is often referred to as a 53-foot van. Numerous smaller delivery box trucks, 40′ or 24′ in length, are more accessible for small business and residential deliveries when exiting a narrow street/facility access is difficult and unsafe for a longer vehicle.

Frequently, vehicles are requested to enter restricted access sites such as storage facilities, schools, farms, churches, and jails. While a visit to a building site or trade exhibition may be classed differently, nature and expense are almost the same.

When a commodity must remain cold or even frozen, it may be necessary to move by refrigerated vehicle (commonly known as a “reefer”), which reduces carrier availability and increases fuel and resource requirements. Dry ice on a pallet or two may help you avoid the additional expenditures associated with frozen shipment while still keeping your products cold throughout travel.

While appointments for pickups or deliveries are included in residential service rates, you should have the ability to choose if the carrier will charge a modest additional fee. Typically, contact to the consignee can be made 30 minutes to an hour prior to the truck arriving, but if you prefer to keep it for an appointment time, you will receive a phone call with an exact collection time, rather than a 3-4 hour time range.

You may acquire comprehensive insurance plans to protect yourself against damages and losses. For new products, a standard freight quotation includes responsibility of $10/pound. For used or pre-owned products, this number drops to around $.10 per pound. It is critical to ensure that you have properly accounted for the commodity’s worth. Bear in mind that the freight must still be prepared/palletized for shipping in order to be covered. Additionally, don’t forget to examine for damage upon arrival and make any apparent notations on the delivery receipt when signing at the time of delivery.


Though additional events may necessitate rate adjustments (port visits, trailer drops, etc. ), this article should educate the reader on proper shipping methods, how to prevent these situations, and what to anticipate from freight carriers. As with any other endeavor, shipping takes strategy and enough preparation time. With experience, you will get a thorough understanding of all areas of shipping and logistics.

From pickup through delivery, this guide covers every step of the process. However, there are more aspects of the freight business to discuss that could easily increase the length of this book. When shipping is handled properly and in advance, clients may avoid excessive surcharges and the headaches associated with interacting with transportation firms. Shipping can also be costly, so seek out a broker that can arrange for reasonable freight rates. We wish you well and appreciate your time in reading.

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