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Time Magazine - May 27, 2013

Time Magazine – May 27, 2013

Angelina is on the cover of next weeks issue of Time magazine which features an article about her recent news of a double mastectomy. Click here to read the full story of the article. You must be a Time magazine subscriber to read the article. The sign up is FREE!

  • May 16Anna says:  

    Before the poor girl let remove her ovaries too, somebody who knows how to get in contact with her should enlighten her on that the genetic disposition towards getting cancer is more or less a myth. It is much more related to dietary habits and hormones that go haywire, etc. Hopefully she will inform herself before she has mutilated herself totally. There’s a book to get her started: What your doctor may not tell you about breast cancer by Dr John Lee. I am not only sorry for her but for all the women who without searching out facts for themselves will follow her example.

  • May 19Renee Lee says:  

    Its ironic. She’s the same age as my baby sister. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer 21 years ago after a double mastectomy. 14 months ago my doctor wrote out an order for a mammography and I still haven’t gone. I’m 42 and the mother of a 4 yr old and a 8 yr old and I’m ashamed of how much I’m afraid to know. I’ve spent all of my life growing up in so.Cal. So I know how important appearances are. My husband is at the festival at Cannes this week and in the quiet hours by myself, I’m realizing I love them too much to ignore any longer. I requested an appointment for the mammography for Wednesday the 22nd. What ever they tell me, I’ll deal with. This is scary stuff and I appreciate beyond words her courage in making the tough call and going public with it. It’s I possible to gauge how many lives she’ll end up saving.

  • May 21Yana says:  

    Dear Angelina.
    I couldn`t not write this letter.
    The last news about your life were shocking for everybody. It doesn`t matter how people treat to you. Primarily we are all a human beings and no one stays indifferent about pain another one. I think… how it must have been hard to realize…necessity of operations. One of the most beautiful women in the World and really unique personality.
    But nothing comes in our life without meaning.
    For example me. I sincerely love my country and my mother tongue but regime in Russia now worse rather than in the Soviet Union times and I know that my children don`t have future in this country. And now living abroad we are like a tree without roots. It is really painful but it is life.
    You are for me as an example – example of strength of the human soul.
    Thank you very much for your courage.
    It distinguishes the strong person. Drop a few tears, raise his head and go forward.
    I sincerely wish you long happy life.

    Yana Burmistrova.

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